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Microsoft Excel Courses


Microsoft Excel is the primary spreadsheet tool for businesses and organisations all over the world. Whether your staff need training on the basics of entering data, layouts and simple formatting, or the more complex aspects of calculations and automation, we will have a course that will allow your delegates to properly understand the program and produce top quality, reliable and accurate spreadsheets.

Available Course Levels


The Excel introduction course will provide you with the skills and confidence to work with existing spreadsheets or create new ones from scratch. The course will cover all the basic topics including basic text and number entry, performing calculations, and using charts.


  • Getting to know the Excel screen, menus and Icons
  • Basic text and number entry, moving and copying
  • Cell formatting using icons and shortcuts
  • Inserting and deleting
  • The autofill shortcut
  • Applying decimals and percentages
  • Formatting spreadsheets
  • Entering basic formulas
  • Understanding cell references
  • The sum function
  • Other common Excel functions
  • Setting up lists(databases)
  • Sorting lists alphabetically
  • Using the autofilter tools
  • Printing options for basic and longer spreadsheets
  • Working with column, pie and line charts
  • Formatting chart elements


Designed for delegates who already know the basics of Excel, this course will concentrate on various way to analyse your data. Learn how to use Excels in built functions and how to summarise data by using the fantastic Pivot table tool, as well as other tools to analyse longer Excel lists.


  • Recap of Excel basics
  • Using calculations across different worksheets
  • Setting up 3d workbooks
  • Naming cells and ranges
  • Recap on Excel functions
  • Entering statistical functions
  • Using conditional functions
  • Validation to improve functions
  • Date calculations
  • Introduction to nested functions
  • Correct set up to manage longer database
  • Creating subtotals and outlines
  • Setting up pivot tables
  • Pivot table layout options
  • Customising Excels set up and icons
  • Creating and saving templates(dependent on time)


The Advanced Excel course will benefit the more experienced spreadsheet users. The course will cover logical and lookup functions and how to combine functions to solve specific problems. Learn how to use Excels what-if tools and start recording macros to automate repetitive tasks and increase productivity.


  • Using advanced filters to extract data
  • Dynamic named ranges
  • Basic and more complex validation using functions
  • Database functions
  • If statements
  • Other logical functions
  • Multiple ‘If’ statement decisions
  • Vlookup and multiple lookup combination formulas
  • Nested functions
  • Using Sumproduct *
  • “What-If” utilities- goal seek, the solver tool
  • Working with scenarios
  • Adding data tables
  • Understanding macros
  • Storing and recording macros
  • Running macros
  • Editing Macros in the VBA environment*
  • Attaching macros to a button
  • Excels auditing tools

Topics marked * are shown at the discretion of the trainer.

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