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Microsoft PowerPoint has been the presentation application leader for 25 years, this slide based graphical program allows you to create business presentations that are modern and co-ordinated. Our courses will teach you how to put a presentation together that will get your message across with impact. The courses are packed full of tips, tricks and best practice advice that will allow your staff to represent your company to the highest level.

Available Course Levels


Following this course, you will be able create effective presentations using a variety of tools available within PowerPoint. Learn how to add various types of text or graphical content to slides, and enhance the finished presentation using colour and basic animations. Lots of PowerPoint shortcuts will be shown to create better presentations.


  • Getting to know the PowerPoint screen, menus and Icons
  • Basic text and number entry, moving and copying
  • Text formatting using icons and shortcuts
  • Slide background formatting options
  • Positioning text objects on screen
  • Layout options when adding new slides
  • Working with bulleted lists
  • Adding pictures to slides
  • Using charts in a presentation
  • Use drawing tools to create diagrams
  • Adding timings to slides
  • Basic animations
  • Using Presentation view
  • Presentation delivery options
  • Printing slides or handouts


Aimed at existing PowerPoint users, you will learn how to build presentations that are more professional and reflect the corporate standards. Learn how to use automation to link to external programs and to set up company templates. Tips on presentation delivery skills ‘Best practice’ will be introduced.


  • Recap of PowerPoint basics
  • Using slide masters
  • Adding dates and slide numbers
  • Tools to achieve layout accuracy
  • Preset animations options
  • Creating custom animation sequences
  • Adding rehearsed or individual timings
  • Chart animations
  • Using video and sound effects
  • Automate a presentation with action buttons
  • Creating custom or looping shows
  • Setting up a corporate presentation template
  • Emailing autorun presentations
  • Launching other programs in slideshows
  • Presentation delivery skills ‘best practice’

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