Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

By May 4, 2015 Excel No Comments

Excel has loads of keyboard shortcuts, here are just a few of them that I find useful on a daily basis

Navigate through worksheets:

To go to the next sheet to the right use ctrl + Page Down

To go to the next sheet to the left use ctrl + Page Up

Hiding Rows and Columns

To hide rows use ctrl + 9

To hide columns use ctrl +0

To unhide rows use ctrl + shift + 9

To unhide columns use ctrl + shift + 0

Inserting the Date or Time into a cell

To insert the current Date use ctrl + ;

To insert the current time use ctrl + shift + ;

(NB the date and time shortcuts will add a ‘Static’ date or time. If you want them to be linked to the system Clock use the functions =Today() for the live date and =Now() for the live time)

New Worksheet

To Add a new worksheet to the file use Alt + Shift + F1

Toggle between cell formulas and results

To alternate the worksheet display between showing the cells formula and the results use ctrl + ` (Note that this is the accent key which is usually at the top left of the keyboard, not the apostrophe key)