Customise the Quick Access Toolbar

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One of the quickest and simplest ways to customise Excel(or other Microsoft Apps) is to add the icons that you need regularly onto the small toolbar at the top left of the Excel screen.

When we show delegates how to do this on our training courses they quite often tell us that they never knew why the little toolbar was there – they didn’t realise how productive it can be to have all your icons on one easy to find strip.

Watch the short video to see how easy it is.


Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

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Excel has loads of keyboard shortcuts, here are just a few of them that I find useful on a daily basis

Navigate through worksheets:

To go to the next sheet to the right use ctrl + Page Down

To go to the next sheet to the left use ctrl + Page Up

Hiding Rows and Columns

To hide rows use ctrl + 9

To hide columns use ctrl +0

To unhide rows use ctrl + shift + 9

To unhide columns use ctrl + shift + 0

Inserting the Date or Time into a cell

To insert the current Date use ctrl + ;

To insert the current time use ctrl + shift + ;

(NB the date and time shortcuts will add a ‘Static’ date or time. If you want them to be linked to the system Clock use the functions =Today() for the live date and =Now() for the live time)

New Worksheet

To Add a new worksheet to the file use Alt + Shift + F1

Toggle between cell formulas and results

To alternate the worksheet display between showing the cells formula and the results use ctrl + ` (Note that this is the accent key which is usually at the top left of the keyboard, not the apostrophe key)